Everyday Pleasure | Introducing The Miss. Doux Collection

Everyday Pleasure | Introducing The Miss. Doux Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Feb 04, 2022

We’ve all learned to appreciate life’s little pleasures more over the last few years. Times have been tough for everyone throughout the pandemic, whether we’ve had to deal with illness, isolation, or both. In these times of uncertainty, many of us have gone back to the basics to find moments of joy and happiness.

We’ve adorned our homes with simple decor that instills feelings of comfort and rejuvenation: clean white chairs, fuzzy pink blankets, calming green houseplants. Unable to visit our favorite urban spots, we’ve started appreciating the nature around us more. We’re embracing daily walks filled with lush green trees and pastel flowers, even if they’re only briefly admired on our way home from work. These seemingly simple items were, and continue to be, our sources of everyday pleasure in an increasingly unpredictable world.


The New ‘Miss. Doux’ Collection

Always the optimists, the DIDIER DUBOT team began to draw inspiration from these everyday pleasures. We wanted to pay homage to nature’s uplifting colors and the soft textures that have provided us with so much comfort in our homes. Naturally, we thought jewelry would be a meaningful way to encapsulate life’s everyday pleasures, and the ‘Miss. Doux’ collection was born.

Filled with vibrant, mood-boosting colors and gentle curves, Miss. Doux interprets DIDIER DUBOT’s signature D shape in architectural and symbolic forms. The delightful yet elegant range of demi-fine rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and necklaces is filled with colorful gemstones that are complemented by warm 14K rose and yellow gold. Each piece is designed to be a continual source of everyday pleasure for its wearer, from now until the pandemic becomes a distant memory.

Miss. Doux is one of the first DIDIER DUBOT collections to feature colored gemstones outside of the iconic Debon D.D birthstone range, giving the brand a vibrant and fresh new image. Each gemstone was carefully selected for its comforting color and meaningful symbolism.


Green Chalcedony

The rich hue of green chalcedony matches the leaves of the trees we surround ourselves with during nature walks and outdoor meditations. Wearing green chalcedony inspires us to be as strong and calm as a tree, and creates the image of leaves gently blowing in the breeze. It takes us back to the simple days of spring and summer, when we spend entire afternoons perched against a tree with a good book in our hands. Green chalcedony itself is a nurturing stone that inspires courage, insight, and good will. It’s perfect for bringing joy to even the most mundane moments.   



Pink Sapphire

Sweet pink sapphire shares the same shade as some of nature’s most beautiful flowers: cherry blossoms, roses, peonies, hyacinths, and tulips. It evokes the freshness and optimism of spring, when nature begins its annual renaissance. This soft pastel is a symbol of femininity and gentle elegance, perfect for adding a touch of pleasure into your daily life. The pink sapphire gemstone will gently guide you through hardships as it encourages love, compassion, and good fortune.



Yellow Sapphire

The most cheerful member of the sapphire family captures the warmth of the sun. The golden-hued stone is a symbol of divine grace, providing wearers with spiritual knowledge and loving relationships. You can always count on yellow sapphire to bring joy and ease to your life.




Miss. Doux’s other yellow gemstone is none other than stunning citrine. Its soft color matches some of spring and summer’s most admired flowers, such as daffodils, sunflowers, marigolds, and daisies. This radiant stone is associated with friendship, hope, and happiness - the perfect talisman for a positive attitude.



White Topaz

Dazzling and clear, white topaz brings a sense of freshness and serenity. It has just the right amount of sparkle to add enchantment to your everyday life, but is also calming. It’s like a refreshing sip of water or a freshly cleaned home. White topaz is known as an awareness stone, and represents hope, affection, and peace.




Enhance your everyday pleasure with our new Miss. Doux collection!

Writer: Maria Polansky



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