Genderless Jewelry Trend and Best DIDIER DUBOT Picks From The ‘La Moire’ Collection

Genderless Jewelry Trend and Best DIDIER DUBOT Picks From The ‘La Moire’ Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Sep 08, 2021

As we move towards a more gender fluid society, the boundaries of traditional jewelry trends are being broken like never before. Young millennials and Gen Z are proving that genderless jewelry is the way of the future. Trendsetters like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Frank Ocean are inspiring fashion lovers everywhere to blur the lines between masculine and feminine. Men are wearing delicate pearls and dazzling gems, while women are strapping on chunky watches and oversized signet rings.

Industry leaders like Bulgari and Louis Vuitton have recently released genderless collections, and a slew of independent genderless jewelry brands have cropped up. DIDIER DUBOT is proud to join this league of forward-thinking designers that appeal to the bold at heart. After all, why should a beautiful piece of jewelry be restricted to a certain gender if it can look good on anyone? Read on to learn about gender fluidity and discover our favorite genderless jewelry picks.   


What Is Gender Fluidity?

The concept of gender fluidity just might eradicate traditional gender roles. It’s not the same as androgyny, as a gender fluid person will still embrace things that are conventionally masculine or feminine. They just won’t feel restricted by one specific gender. A gender fluid person fluctuates between the genders periodically. They do not have fixed identities; one day they can feel masculine, and the next day they can feel feminine.

Gender fluidity is more than just a trend. The population of gender fluid people will only continue to grow as old beliefs are reexamined. A 2018 study by Pew revealed that 35% of Generation Z know someone that identifies as non-binary. We expect gender fluidity to be an entirely normal identification within a few generations. 


Genderless Jewelry Trends

Signet rings

The large, impactful design of a signet ring has historically been associated with masculine power figures like pharaohs and religious leaders. Lately women have been proving that signet rings also look amazing on feminine fingers. They create a striking difference amongst minimal bands and gemstone rings, plus they can be personalized with stamps and initials. It’s a stylish and versatile ring that can be enjoyed by anyone that wants to make a statement.

Textured rings

Men’s rings have often relied on textures and ridges to create visual interest, while women’s rings have generally put a focus on crystals and gemstones. While we do love a beautiful gemstone, we think that fascinating textures also look amazing on women. Ridges, curves, and geometric shapes are guaranteed to make any ring stand out.

One-sided earrings

Break the tradition of earring sets by going solo. This fashion-forward trend can easily be worn by any gender, as long as they have at least one ear piercing. It allows wearers to experiment with andrognyous hairstyles, further promoting the gender fluid look.

Solitaire earrings

Derived from the word solitary, solitaire jewelry is characterized by having a sole gemstone. Diamonds have been the traditional gemstone of choice, but solitaire pieces have evolved to include any precious gem. This timeless design can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys a bit of sparkle. Solitaire earrings can be worn as a pair or separately; either way they add just the right amount of luxury to your everyday jewelry. 

Thread Bracelets

Consider these the upgraded versions of the friendship bracelets we all loved so much as children. Luxurious materials like leather and silky rope paired with metallic pieces crafted into elegant shapes and gemstones make thread bracelets the perfect everyday jewelry piece. They look great on their own, or layered with watches or metallic bracelets.


A watch is the original genderless jewelry piece. Although daintier designs are commonplace for women, many opt for chunky and sporty styles that tend to be targeted towards men. In the true spirit of gender fluidity, we encourage watch wearers to experiment with different styles that suit their individual preferences.

Chain Jewelry

A favorite of the hip hop crowd, chain jewelry is a flattering style on both men and women. It can be done in so many different shapes and sizes, and created into any form of jewelry. Chain jewelry has reached iconic status and will never go out of style.

Pearl Jewelry

Thank Harry Styles for proving that pearls belong in everybody’s jewelry collection. These elegant gems have been revered for their soft sheen and smooth texture for centuries. Pearl jewelry adds instant sophistication to any outfit.


Best DIDIER DUBOT Picks From The ‘La Moire’ Collection

The cool silver tones, smooth textures, and unique shapes of DIDIER DUBOT’s La Moire collection are prime picks for genderless jewelry. Which pieces will you be adding to your genderless jewelry collection?


Writer: Maria Polansky

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