How To Nail The Layered Jewelry Trend

How To Nail The Layered Jewelry Trend

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Nov 16, 2021


They say that one is the loneliest number. Perhaps this is why trendsetters all over the globe have recently been wearing all of their favorite pieces of jewelry at the same time. The layered jewelry trend has taken the fashion world by storm, with jewelry lovers creating intricate stacks and layers of necklaces and bracelets. When your jewelry box is filled with so many beautiful pieces, why shouldn’t you wear several of them at the same time? You may be concerned about your layers looking messy or overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to nail the layered jewelry trend. We’re sharing everything you need to know about this oh-so chic statement!  


Layering Jewelry 101: All You Need To Know

Layering jewelry is a delicate art. You need to find the right balance, or your layers may look too busy. The key to creating the perfect layers all comes down to contrast. You’ll want to mix lengths and textures to build a layered jewelry look that’s simultaneously eye-catching, harmonious, and effortless.


The beauty of layered jewelry is that your options will be abundant. You can experiment with a wide variety of combinations, continually giving your jewelry a fresh new look. There’s also nothing wrong with repeating a stack if you’re the type of person that prefers sticking to a few signature pieces. Here’s how to perfectly layer jewelry on any part of your body.


Style Layered Necklaces Like A Pro

We’ve all seen influencers and celebrities wearing striking combinations of layered necklaces on Instagram. If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that they all have a few things in common:


  • Stagger your lengths: keeping your necklaces at least a few centimeters apart will ensure balance and create the right amount of space between your layers. The more distance between each necklace, the more dramatic your layers will appear. You don’t have to keep your layers equal; a popular trend is keeping your first two necklaces close together then finishing the look with an extra long pendant.
  • The rule of three: how many layers is too many? Stylists believe in sticking to the rule of three to keep things looking neat. Four or more necklaces might look too busy, while two might look a bit plain.
  • Mix your textures: combining different textures adds depth and interest. For example, you may start with a simple choker, follow with a dainty mid-length bar necklace, and end with a long pendant.



Another option is mixing different necklace styles. Begin with a delicate chain choker, continue with a mid-length charm necklace, and finish the look off with a long gemstone pendant




There’s also nothing wrong with sticking to a theme. Just make sure you keep the sizes and styles varied. You may be a fan of chains, so you can try out a combination of different chain necklaces: a thin chain choker and a chunky chain necklace with pendants.



Embellish Your Wrists With Layered Bracelets

Are you interested in creating an arm party? Layered bracelets are always fun to experiment with. Arm parties follow a few of the same principles as layered necklaces, but offer even more creative freedom.


Add as many bracelets as you like to your stack since the wrists and forearms offer more space than the neck and chest area. You won’t have any fussy necklines to compete with. Just make sure you’re using a good mix of textures.


Keep charm bracelets closest to the wrist so that they don’t interfere with the other bracelets. Continue the stack with a thicker textured bracelet, followed by a dainty chain bracelet or two.



You can also add difference by including different materials. Combine a curved cuff bracelet with a chain link bracelet and a contrast thread bracelet.



DIDIER DUBOT’s elegant collection of demi-fine jewelry is simply made to be layered and stacked. Our diverse mixture of textures and shapes pair together perfectly, from dainty pendants to chunky chain necklaces and bracelets. Shop our range today to create your own unique layered jewelry look!




Writer: Maria Polansky

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