The Artistic Wave Of Summer: La moire Collection

The Artistic Wave Of Summer: La moire Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jul 15, 2022

Summer is the season of movement. Waves continually crash against the sand. Petals and leaves flutter in the gentle breeze of the wind. We travel to the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Whether you’re headed to the other side of the world or to your favorite local spot, you’ll be wanting to wear jewelry that moves with you.

Our La moire collection is perfect for all of your summer destinations. Inspired by the lines of nature, the eye-catching curves create volume and movement that complement the wind and the waves that define the season. Find your next favorite piece of summer jewelry with La moire!


The New Minimalism

La moire is ideal for those who crave minimalist jewelry with a twist. The all metal collection creates interest with captivating curves and a ridged yet smooth texture. From elegant hoops to bar necklaces and curved rings, La moire proves that minimalism is far from boring.


Summer Silver

The totally silver collection may seem like an unexpected choice for summer, a season so often associated with warm golds. But the cool tones of silver create a stunning contrast against sun-kissed skin. It beautifully highlights the happy hours you’ve spent in the sun and sand. Silver also matches the sparkling reflection of the sun against the ocean, making it an excellent choice for seaside strolls and tropical vacations.


Nature Embodied

The main inspiration behind the collection are the organic lines found in nature. The swirl of the wind, the ridges and curves of sand, the fluid lines of the ocean’s waves … La moire also draws influence from the feminine form. The pieces replicate the delicate movements and soft curves that women are naturally blessed with. Pay homage to nature’s fluidity with La moire.


Modern Meets Vintage

The polished silver and contrasting ridges create a vintage-inspired feel, bringing the best of both worlds. From curved, wing-like stud earrings to textured rings and ring pendant necklaces, La moire creates an intriguing timeless aesthetic that will keep admirers guessing and reminiscing about the golden eras of style.


How To Style La moire

The elegant pieces of La moire can be worn as unique statement pieces, or they can be layered together to create an even more striking look.


- La moire’s bold hoops and dangle earrings are ideal for finishing off ear stack. Pair them with simple studs that won’t distract from the distinctive curves.


- La moire’s long pendants can be worn alone or as final layers in a stacked look. Contrast the delicate chains and ring pendants with shorter chokers, or use the chain necklaces as a middle layer.


- La moire’s sleek chain bracelets make a statement on their own, but they can also be used as part of a cool silver stack. Stick to other vintage-inspired styles to keep a cohesive theme.


- Even wearing one eye-catching La moire ring will be enough to elevate your outfit. The unusual shapes look best unstacked on a finger, but they can absolutely be complemented by more minimalist rings on other fingers.


Will you be joining the wave this summer?

Browse the full La moire collection today!


Writer: Maria Polansky






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