WFH Jewelry Picks 2021

WFH Jewelry Picks 2021

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Sep 07, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the world. It seems like almost every aspect of our lives is now different. For many of us, one of the biggest changes was the environment in which we work. Conventional offices were shut and workers began setting up home offices. What started out as a temporary measure has become a permanent solution for many companies a year and a half later. This new setup unsurprisingly changed our work wardrobes. Our tailored dress pants and blazers have been swapped for cozy loungewear and athleisure pieces. Some of us love this more comfortable uniform, while others miss being able to get dressed up. Fortunately there’s an easy solution that merges comfort with luxury: jewelry.

Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. You may not need to carry around a stylish bag or wear sky high heels anymore, but jewelry adds the perfect touch of glamour to any outfit. It will make you feel dressed up even when you’re wearing sweatpants. With Zoom meetings putting a focus on our faces, one may argue that jewelry is more important than ever. It’s the perfect tool to dress up your everyday outfits. Below we’re sharing the best WFH jewelry picks for 2021.


Lightweight Earrings

They feel like they’re barely there, but lightweight earrings make a major visual impact. Delicate hoops, small drop earrings, and statement studs have the power to dress up any outfit. They’ll breathe new life into your sweatshirts and t-shirts, and make you feel more put together during Zoom calls.



Colorful Earrings

Liven up your neutral loungewear sets with a pair of colorful earrings. Whether you’re going for designs with vibrant gemstones or playful enamel, a little bit of color goes a long way. A colorful pair of earrings will brighten up a busy day full of meetings, reports, and anything else your work day will bring you.




Dainty Pendants

A delicate pendant necklace will add an air of elegance to your WFH outfits. It may seem like a minor detail, but it will become the perfect finishing touch to a basic t-shirt or a soft sweater. Look for a medium length pendant (we recommend 18 inches) that will gently fall just below your collarbone.


Signature D Collection



Minimalist Rings

There are certain things you wear for other people, and there are others that are worn simply to make yourself happy. Other people may not notice your rings in a home office, but they will be an instant pick-me-up whenever you look down at your fingers. An elegant minimalist ring will elevate your outfit without getting in the way of your work.


Miss Doux Collection


Dainty Bracelets

Like rings, bracelets are special pieces that will make you feel more put-together even if you’re the only one who sees them. A pretty bracelet will be a welcome upgrade to the plain hair ties that have been decorating your wrists as you work from home. Choose a minimal, delicate style that won’t bother you while you type.



Word Jewelry

Let your style literally do the talking with word jewelry. This playful trend allows you to showcase your personality through earrings, necklaces, and bracelets beautifully crafted into your favorite words. Consider it a modern version of the name jewelry trend that was popularized by style icons like Carrie Bradshaw and Rihanna. It’s a small but impactful way to add interest to the most casual of outfits.



Airpod Jewelry

This creative new trend shows that jewelry can make anything more beautiful. If you don’t want to commit to a full day of wearing earrings, you can still show them off on video calls by choosing twisted styles that can wrap around your airpods. Airpod jewelry is an ingenious way of fusing technology with fashion.



Which WFH jewelry trends will you be trying out?



Writer: Maria Polansky

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