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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Debon D.D. Gold Earring JDRERUS011R
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Debon D.D. Gold Earring JDRERUS011R
Debon D.D. Gold Earring JDRERUS011R

Debon D.D. Gold Earring JDRERUS011R

♡ The Debon D.D collection features twelve colorful birthstones for each month.
♡ These feminine rose gold earrings from the 2022 line feature one of our signature and most iconic designs with the garnet stone on the front, January’s birthstone, and a blue topaz stone in the back, November’s birthstone. The garnet stone symbolizes success and prosperity and the topaz stone symbolizes good fortune. The sparkly D pendants swinging back and forth create an appealing allure to every movement of yours.
♡ You may play around these dreamy earrings by mix-matching them, wearing them from any side and pairing them with other earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from the Debon D.D collection birthstones. Feel free to mix and match the colors for a creative and unique styling.

Detail Size Guide

  • * 14K Rose Gold
  • * Size: 13.03x22mm
  • * Weight: 3.47g (standard)
  • * Almandine Garnet 4.0mm (2EA)
  • * Blue Topaz 4.0mm (2EA)
  • * Cubic Zirconia 1.0mm (44EA)
  • * Cannot be resized or repaired
  • * Free worldwide shipping


Model No.JDRERUS011R





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One of our signature and most iconic design, alphabet D with a beautiful birthstone positioned at the center: dashing red garnet in the front and ocean blue topaz in the back. The pendant swings back and forth creating an alluring and free motion with your every movement. Play around by switching back and forth to create unbalance earrings or mix, match with other bold statement earrings

styling tips:

Our unique Debon D.D earring pendants can also transform into necklace, bracelet, and anklets! Change up depending on the mood and style of your day with our limitless Debon D.D collection.


Jewelry Care


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