Han Ye Seul as Parisian in DIDIER DUBOT's Advertising

Han Ye Seul as Parisian in DIDIER DUBOT's Advertising

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Dec 14, 2021


In celebration of the L'air de Paris collection release, a demi-fine jewelry brand DIDIER DUBOT revealed new advertising with their muse - Korean actress Han Ye Seul.

DIDIER DUBOT's marketing activities always base on the simple but potent philosophy - "Love yourself!", and in the first half of 2021, the "#Multiple Identity" campaign is underway to pay homage to the iconic characters of four French women who represent passion, intelligence, love, and style.
Following the novelist Françoise Sagan and actress Catherine Deneuve, the third advertising campaign cut homage to the French singer-songwriter, Jane Birkin. She is the epitome of French chic, and Han Ye Seul expressed her style and atmosphere perfectly through a glamorous and sophisticated look.

New earrings from L'air de Paris collection were used as the main item for the advertising. The Les de Paris collection itself features bright colors inspired by Parisians and a stroll on a clear and refreshing Parisian morning.


The shape of the bright and diffuse sunlight from a leisurely walk in Paris the day after the rain stopped was interpreted into metal, and the idea was expanded to various product categories such as earrings, rings, and necklaces. Each jewelry was done by hand, creating a unique DIDIER DUBOT's mood. Moreover, colored cabochon glass, diamonds, and sky blue topaz perfectly complement each design.

L'air de Paris lineup is presented at DIDIER DUBOT's stores and online official shopping mall from April 23.

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