December Birthstone: All About Turquoise

December Birthstone: All About Turquoise

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Nov 28, 2023

Last but certainly not least, December babies are lucky enough to call turquoise their own. Known for its vibrant blue-green hue and mesmerizing striations, turquoise has held cultural significance all over the globe for centuries. Its color is so stunning that the gem is the namesake of the shade. This lovely opaque stone is not just rich in color; it also holds a deep meaning that makes it more than meets the eye. Learn all about the diverse history and symbolism of turquoise below!


The History and Symbolism of Turquoise

Turquoise has long been associated with wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, hope, and enduring love. Humans from all corners of the earth have relied on turquoise to help them with discovering self-actualization and unleashing creativity. A grounding stone that promotes the serenity needed to overcome any obstacle, turquoise encourages trust, kindness, empathy, and forgiveness.


A Global Stone of Protection

Turquoise has been used as a protective stone both for warriors in battle and individuals seeking good fortune. The gemstone has been treasured all over the world since the beginning of time!


The Indigenous People of North America

Turquoise is a sacred stone for many North American Indigenous tribes, including the Apache, the Navajo, and the Lakota-Sioux peoples. They associated the bright blue color with the god of the sky.

Shamans believed that turquoise was an earthly connection to the heavens, and used the stone to harness celestial energies during healing rituals. Some warriors would use protective turquoise charms and amulets during battles, adorning their arrows with the beautiful gem. Southwestern desert tribes associated the blue of turquoise with life-giving water, and used the gems to attract the attention of the rain god during rain rituals. To this day, the tradition of wearing turquoise jewelry is important for many indigenous tribes


Ancient Persians

Many works of art featuring turquoise have been discovered in the lands that were Ancient Persia. This great civilization was among the first to consider turquoise a protective stone. Soldiers would wear it during battles, embellishing their swords, armor, and even their horses’ bridles and saddles with the gemstone. The Persians believed that turquoise brought courage, calmness, good fortune, and happiness.


Europe & Asia

Turquoise has also been an important stone in Greek and Russian culture. It was a sign of purity in Greece, often worn by maidens to show their status. In Russia, turquoise was an emblem of enduring love and was a popular gift between couples. Sometimes, turquoise was added to Russian wedding rings as an extra sign of affection.

While other cultures looked to turquoise for protection and love, the Tibetans treated it as a stone of wisdom. They believed the shifting blue-green color represented life and death, and thought of turquoise as a symbol of the process of developing wisdom.


Turquoise Care

With a rating of 5-6 on the Mohs scale, turquoise has fair to good hardness. It’s important to take proper care of your turquoise jewelry so that it maintains its exquisite color and smooth texture.

Turquoise is stable to light, but it can be discolored or damaged by high heat, chemicals, acidity, cosmetics, and oils. Always remove turquoise jewelry when swimming, cleaning, exercising, applying makeup, or engaging in other activities that involve potential sources of damage.

Keep your turquoise jewelry looking shiny and beautiful by regularly cleaning it with a mixture of warm, soapy water. Avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners as they can also cause damage.


December Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or you’re wanting to treat yourself in December, birthstone jewelry is always a great idea. It’s stylish, meaningful, and personal! A gorgeous piece of turquoise jewelry will add a bold burst of color to any outfit while paying homage to your personal symbols all year long.


Minimal and elegant, these turquoise huggie hoops will seamlessly transition from day to night. Make them your favorite colorful companion!


The rich opacity of turquoise is highlighted against the subtle sparkle of the crystals adorning the half moon pendant. This striking necklace has the perfect combination of glamor and enchantment.


A captivating solitaire turquoise proves that even the simplest of designs can be sophisticated. This dainty gold bracelet is ideal for stacking or adding a subtle pop of color to any outfit.


Ancient symbolism meets contemporary coolness in this chic chain link ring. This turquoise ring brings a gorgeous texture to your fingers whether stacked or worn alone.


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