All of our DIDIER DUBOT customers have a unique opportunity to modify some jewelry characteristics for a more personal touch. For more details, please refer to the table below.






Gold Karat Change
Gold  14K <-> 18K

Gold Color Change 
Rose Gold  /  Yellow Gold  /  White Gold

Size / Length Change



Please note!

* Please note that not all DIDIER DUBOT jewelry is available for customization. To check further details, please contact us by email at

* Depending on the design, customized jewelry can take up to 4 weeks to be produced, and depending on the country, up to 2–3 weeks to be delivered.

* For some customizations, a slight increase in price can occur.

* DIDIER DUBOT will not accept returns of customized jewelry, as these pieces were created especially for the customer's request.

* To make your customized jewelry request, please send us the email to

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