DIDIER DUBOT Muses: Vivian Maier

DIDIER DUBOT Muses: Vivian Maier

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Feb 26, 2024

Behind every design lies a source of inspiration. Be it a person, a place, or an object, our muses fuel our creativity and imagination when it comes to designing a new collection.

Bold minimalism and contemporary yet timeless designs define our new Selection. D collection. But behind the bold curves and voluminous textures lie a deeper inspiration: the unsung hero of street photography, Vivian Maier.


© Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection.

The American photographer’s evocative work was only discovered and celebrated following her passing in 2009. While some may find this lack of recognition during her lifetime disheartening, we recognize the positive aspect of a life untouched by external influences. By keeping her work private, Vivian was able to capture the world in her own unique way. Learn more about this enigmatic photographer and her work below!


Quiet Passions

Born in New York in 1926, Vivian Maier is a fascinating name in the world of street photography.

She was completely self-taught, first experimenting with photography as a young adult visiting France. She used a simple camera model with only one shutter speed and no focus control. Maier invested in a more advanced model upon returning to the US, where she began her primary career as a nanny and caregiver.


© Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection.


During her free time, Maier would take photos of people, places, and objects around Chicago, the city where she resided for most of her life. Maier also enjoyed taking self-portraits in mirrors and shop windows; consider her a pioneer of the modern day selfie. She consistently took photos for over five decades, resulting in a body of work estimated to comprise over 100,000 images. 

Maier’s photos of herself and her city were timeless, intriguing, and beautifully humanistic. She had a distinct talent for capturing the authentic essence of everyday life through her candid shots. Her photos display a certain intimacy, conveying a sense of familiarity while still sparking curiosity about the stories behind the subjects. Maier’s work highlights her subtle observational skills, displaying the nuances of human behavior, urban life, and the unique character of every subject.


Delayed Discovery

Maier’s massive collection of photographs was discovered after being bought at a Chicago auction in 2007. Most of her images remained undeveloped throughout the course of her life. Financial difficulties and domestic instability meant that she didn’t always have the opportunity to develop her photos, but she always brought her rolls and negatives along with her on her journey.


© Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection.

As she entered old age and downsized into a smaller space, she was forced to place her undeveloped photographs in storage. The contents of this space were purchased by several buyers during an auction, and one in particular took interest in Maier’s photos. He was a fellow photographer and filmmaker named John Maloof, and has since dedicated his career to honoring Maier’s legacy and sharing her art with the world.

Maloof had never met Maier in real life, but was instantly drawn to her work. He started by sharing a selection of her photographs online, and went on to create an Oscar-nominated documentary about her life in 2014, Finding Vivian Maier. Maloof’s promotional efforts have led to worldwide recognition for Vivian Maier, and her photos have since been featured in major publications and exhibitions across the globe.


Artistic Integrity

Vivian Maier is perhaps one of the strongest examples of artistic integrity of our time. Photography was one of her greatest passions in life, but she only ever did it for herself.

Her story is especially intriguing in today’s world, when our first instinct is usually to share our photos with our friends and even strangers. Unknowingly, this pressure might influence us to take our photos or present ourselves in an unauthentic way.


© Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection.


By saving her photos for her own eyes, Vivan let herself stay true to her artistic vision for the entirety of her life. She was never swayed by external influences or pressures; she simply took photos of the things she loved, in the style that she loved.


Vivian Maier & DIDIER DUBOT

Vivian Maier’s commitment to her art shines through her photos, and reminds us to always stay true to genuine selves. Her life and career were a wonderful source of inspiration for our new Selection D. collection, which encourages individuality and the discovery of self-identity.

Like Maier’s intimate self-portraits and street images, our pieces are designed to complement and enhance the most beautiful moments of everyday life.


Elevate your self-portrait with Selection. D.



Writer: Maria Polansky




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