Enhance Your Self-Portrait With The New Sélection. D 24SS Collection

Enhance Your Self-Portrait With The New Sélection. D 24SS Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Feb 23, 2024

With the season of renewal and rebirth around the corner, now is the perfect time to engage in self-reflection. There are many ways you can do this; meditation, writing in a journal, or perhaps taking a self-portrait that captures the truest and most genuine version of yourself.

To help you embrace your self-identity through self-expression, we are excited to announce our Sélection. D collection for 24SS. Inspired by the authenticity of self-portraits, the timeless yet contemporary pieces showcase the bold side of minimalism through unique silhouettes and rich textures. Discover the new collection below!


Bold Minimalism: The Sélection. D 24SS Collection

The Sélection. D 24SS collection features classic designs reimagined with bold curves, rich textures, and unusual silhouettes.



Think hoops, bangles, and band rings with a special twist, earrings with unexpected additions, studs and pendants with exceptional volume, and of course, a fresh and exciting interpretation of our signature letter D.

They’re pieces that are minimal enough to wear for even the most casual occasions, but bold enough to make you stand out from the crowd. 


Design Inspiration: The Beauty of Self-Portraits

A simple selfie is more than just a picture.

It shows who you are not only to others, but to yourself. Your camera gallery serves as a memoir of the experiences, activities, and moments that define your life. By recording a special point in time, you’re indirectly unveiling your inner thoughts, perspectives, and values. Just like style, it’s a powerful form of self-expression and self-identity that can be used throughout your daily life.

The muse behind our Sélection. D 24SS Collection is Vivian Maier, an early adopter of street photography whose work was discovered and recognized after her passing in 2009. The New York-born photographer took pictures solely for her own pleasure, standing out from a sea of peers whose main focus was sharing their work with others.

In an era where we so often feel pressured to share our pictures with the world, Vivian’s quiet approach feels more significant than ever. She loved photography for art’s sake, and gave herself the freedom to capture the world according to her own philosophy. She never worried about external opinions, pressures, or trends; she simply stayed true to herself and the work she loved.

Her images went against the grain in all aspects, turning faces often unseen into protagonists. Vivian’s work and life shows us that even if you feel the world isn’t paying attention to you, you will always be the main character of your own life.


Sélection. D Defining Features

  • Bold textures. Many of the pieces have a stand-out texture, featuring eye-catching curves and voluminous ridges that make classic designs extraordinary.


  • Dazzling details. Our elegant rose gold, Sensuelle gold, and white gold foundations are often embellished with lustrous brown diamonds and tapered baguette crystal accents for a rich shimmer and extra touch of luxury.


  • Strong ties. Firmly linked curb and rope chains are beautiful enough to be the main attraction in our simplest designs.


  • Twist D. Our signature letter D gets a fresh new look, this time with softer curves and an opulent ridged surface.

Sélection. D Styling Ideas

The collection’s minimal silhouettes are perfect for stacking to create a rich textural blend. If you prefer a more understated look, simply wear the pieces on their own.

  • Ear stacks. Pair mixed sizes of hoops together, or combine crystal-embellished ear cuffs with scintillating studs.


  • Bracelet stacks. Combine mixed texture bangles and chain bracelets in varying thicknesses for a visually intriguing look.


  • Ring stacks. Couple purely metal and crystal-embellished bands for a bold, modern feel.


  • Layered necklaces. Double up on chains, perhaps adding in a pendant for more interest.


 Curate your own self-portrait; explore the full Sélection. D 24SS Collection today!



Writer: Maria Polansky





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