Embrace Dual Femininity With The New La D.D Collection

Embrace Dual Femininity With The New La D.D Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Oct 07, 2022

Modern femininity is not simply defined. It comes with many layers and nuances, each as diverse as the woman herself. Our new FW22 La D.D Collection strives to encapsulate the full spectrum of femininity. With its intricate layers, bold bursts of color, and contrasting shapes, La D.D is a stunning representation of femininity. Find out more about this exciting new collection below!


The Life Cycle Of A Poppy

The poppy flower, DIDIER DUBOT’s long-time symbol, is a revered flower with many meanings. It represents sensuality, seduction, and fascination, yet is also an emblem of innocence and purity.

The La D.D collection has introduced various forms of the poppy flower since its creation. This season’s La D.D collection gives us the new Carré La D.D design. The contemporary square-shaped flower is created by overlapping four D-shaped petals.

The FW2022 La D.D collection captures the full spectrum of a poppy flower, from its rich symbolism to its ever changing life cycle. The sophisticated pieces pay homage to all the beautiful moments of a poppy flower's life that can change at any moment. The collection erases the stereotypical vision of a poppy flower by representing its full cycle, from blooming to wilting and everything in between. We believe that every stage has a distinctive character and charm that deserves to be celebrated.


The Two Sides Of Femininity

DIDIER DUBOT believes in the concept of dual femininity. To be feminine is to embrace both innocence and sensuality, two opposite concepts. La D.D collection perfectly expresses this opposition with its overlapping design elements.

La D.D harmonizes the internal and external feelings of beauty, strength, and desire that every woman embodies. Dazzling crystals are delicately sheltered behind metallic petals, curved lines are juxtaposed by perfectly geometric shapes. It’s the perfect representation of the complex nature of modern femininity.


A Celebration Of Textures

Our new La D.D pieces are an eye-catching blend of texture, color, and sculpture. Perfect for elevating everyday or evening looks, the collection is distinguished by five key elements:

  • Sculptural shapes. The pieces are crafted into striking three-dimensional structures, reminiscent of a softly wound ribbon. Poppy flower petals are encased in ornate squares, either embellished by crystals or layered on top of a sparkling gemstone.
  • Metal beads. A delicate metal treatment brings even more texture, creating a true visual delight.
  • Open work. Strategic cutouts allow the subtle radiance of clear crystals to shine through the pieces.
  • Square chains. Finely cut square chains lend a chic, contemporary feel to the collection.
  • Poppy red. Vibrant pops of color bring the collection to life, and will do the same to your daily outfit.

The pieces are crafted out of the finest materials, letting you enjoy everyday luxury for longer. La D.D uses rose gold, 925 sterling silver, and white gold plating as durable base metals. The pieces are then enhanced with diamonds, white cubic zirconia, poppy red stones, and red cabochon stones for brilliance and allure.


Delights For Yourself & Your Loved Ones

The jewelry in our La D.D collection make perfect gifts for yourself or for loved ones. If treating yourself is part of your self-love routine, let one of our poppy pieces serve as a symbol of your growth and diverse femininity.

Poppy flowers are also common symbols of peace, consolation, and grieving. They’re excellent gifts for loved ones in need of comfort and compassion, especially after experiencing loss. Present this meaningful symbol in a more permanent way with a beautiful piece of poppy-inspired jewelry.


The collection’s emblematic poppy is adorned with glistening crystals and delicately encased in an octagonal frame. The double band adds even more dimension to this striking geometric ring.


A vibrant row of garnets in intricate geometric settings are complemented by a dainty chain, perfect for adding a bold color pop to your everyday outfits. This refined bracelet looks amazing on its own or stacked with other delicate styles.


Be enchanted by this elegant pendant’s overlapping poppy design. Set against a rich red background, this necklace is perfect for adding an autumnal feel to your seasonal outfits.


These chic geometric drop earrings are full of sensuality and intrigue. Red and white crystals offer exquisite sparkle, while their textured encasements offer instant sophistication. Use these drop earrings to enhance your outfits day or night.


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Writer: Maria Polansky

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