How To Style Necklaces With Knitwear

How To Style Necklaces With Knitwear

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Oct 31, 2022

Fall is officially here. The sun’s glow is softer, the leaves are turning magnificent shades of yellow and red, and there’s a cool breeze in the air. We’ve begun swapping our lightweight summer clothing for cozier pieces, many of which are made with knitted fabrics.

Our sweaters and cardigans will offer us warmth and solace until spring arrives again, and there’s no better way to embellish them than with stylish necklaces. But how can you ensure that your delicate chains and sparkling gemstones don’t get lost among the knits? Whether you’re wearing a fitted turtleneck or an oversized cardigan, we’ll show you exactly how to style necklaces with knitwear.


… When You Wear A Turtleneck

With its ultra high neck and total chest coverage, a turtleneck sweater is the ideal blank canvas for a necklace. Keep it simple with a dainty design, or add a few layers for even more dimension.

If you opt for the layered look, make sure you’re keeping a few inches between each necklace. You can contrast shapes, like pairing a bar necklace with a round pendant or a chain necklace with a pendant.



… When You Wear A Crew Neck Sweater

Classic crew neck sweaters can be treated like cold weather t-shirts. As long as the sweater doesn’t have clashing prints, you can wear almost any kind of necklace with it! Be bold with a statement style, minimalist with a delicate pendant, or add depth with layers. The only style that should be avoided is a choker, as it may blend in with the neckline.


… When You Wear A V-Neck Sweater

Necklaces and v-neck sweaters are a lovely combination, but one you should be strategic about. The empty space that the v-neck creates is perfect for necklaces, but you’ll want to stick to short styles that won’t get lost below the neckline. Stick to chokers or small pendants that sit close to the collarbone.



… When You Wear A Cardigan

The necklace you choose will depend on the layer you’re wearing underneath your cardigan. If you’re wearing a crew neck t-shirt or long sleeve, you can choose longer, y-shaped necklace styles. If you’re wearing a turtleneck camisole or t-shirt, stick to shorter styles like chokers that won’t go beyond the neckline.



… When You Wear A Boat Neck Or Off The Shoulder Sweater

Contrast the horizontal neckline of a boat neck or off the shoulder sweater with a long chain necklace. Stick to simpler styles that won’t compete with this dramatic neckline. Avoid short styles that fall just below the neckline, as they may create the illusion of broader shoulders.



General Styling Tips

  • Create matching volumes. Pair delicate necklaces with thinner knits, and chunkier necklaces with thicker knits. This creates a harmonious feel.
  • Be mindful of lengths. Always ensure your necklace doesn’t compete with the neckline of your sweater or cardigan. Because you’re wearing a heavier piece of clothing, the neckline becomes a more prominent feature.


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Writer: Maria Polansky





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