Embrace the Poetic Beauty of Daily Life With the New Miss. Doux Collection

Embrace the Poetic Beauty of Daily Life With the New Miss. Doux Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jan 09, 2024

As we enter a new year and the busy nature of the holiday season winds down, we begin to turn back to basics. Here at DIDIER DUBOT we are embracing the simplicity and peace of daily life, rejoicing in the little moments and rituals that bring us the most pleasure.

To further celebrate the beauty of daily life, we are thrilled to announce the debut of our newest Miss. Doux Collection. Inspired by the serene beauty of still life paintings, these gorgeous pieces are designed to complement the poetry found in the repetition of everyday life.


Jardin de DIDIER DUBOT: The Miss. Doux 2024SS Collection

Our design team looked to one of the most iconic and peace-invoking painting styles to create the new Miss. Doux collection. Famous for their tranquil portrayal of everyday objects such as fruit bowls, water pitchers, vases of flowers, and books, still life paintings can be found in galleries, museums, and homes across the globe.

Their subdued color palettes, velvety brush strokes, and romantic compositions instantly instill feelings of serenity and joy, inviting us to live slower and more intentionally. They encourage us to enjoy the poetic nature of the small moments that bring us peace during the day - basking in the soft sunlight that trickles through the window, savoring every sip of your morning tea or coffee, relishing the sweetness of the fruits you snack on, or curling up with your favorite book at the end of a long day.

The Miss. Doux 2024SS collection strives to evoke the same feelings. Filled with versatile yet luxurious pieces, the jewelry adds to the happiness we feel during the calmest moments of daily life.


Introducing Lumiere D

The hero of the new Miss. Doux collection is Lumiere D, the latest interpretation of our signature letter D. 

This version is defined by:

  • Soft curves
  • A gently augmenting volume that begins at the straight edge of the D, and gradually increases to create a heightened edge
  • An eye-catching sheen that’s matte on the flat surface, and shiny on the curved side

Lumiere D appears unique and captivating at every angle, like the phases of the moon or light refracting through a window. The collection allows you to enjoy Lumiere D on its own or in a striking, layered format that creates a mesmerizing glow. Certain pieces are further enhanced with crystals for an extra touch of luxury.


Designed For Daily Life

Featuring dainty chain bracelets, elegant studs and huggie hoops, striking one-sided earrings, chic pendants, and delicate band rings, the SS2024 Miss. Doux collection is ideal for enhancing your daily life.

The versatile pieces are elegant enough to wear for special occasions, yet understated enough for quiet days at home. They can be worn on their own for a subtle touch of sophistication, or layered together to create a bolder statement.

Discover our favorite selections from the new collection below.


Lumiere D studs. With their crystal-embellished edge, these Lumiere D studs add just the right amount of sparkle to your everyday moments. Wear them on their own to keep things simple, or make the look more opulent by stacking other crystals in higher piercings.


Lumiere D layered huggie hoops, bracelets, and rings. Witness the magic of Lumiere D in alluring layers. Each D has its own special sheen, creating the effect of a rose gold light prism. Whether in the form of huggie hoops, bracelets, or banded rings, layered Lumiere D brings an enchanting touch to every moment.


Crystal-adorned Lumiere D. Those seeking just a hint of sparkle will enjoy the crystal-adorned Lumiere D pieces. Crafted into delicate chain bracelets and mini drop earrings, these pieces let the fascinating Lumiere D take center stage, with a small crystal accent as a subtle accompaniment.


Overlapping D. Like a layered brushstroke or a fanned out stack of books, certain earrings, pendants, and rings feature charming overlapping D accents. These pieces create an intriguing visual effect that makes even the simplest routines more memorable.


Embrace the beauty of daily life.
Discover the full 2024SS Miss. Doux collection here.



Writer: Maria Polansky




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