F/W 2021 Jewelry Trends

F/W 2021 Jewelry Trends

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Aug 24, 2021

With a new season often comes the urge to refresh our wardrobes. Jewelry is a simple way to put a fresh and interesting spin on our outfits. Even the smallest piece can completely transform a look. If you’re interested in a small but impactful seasonal switch up, look no further than the F/W 2021 jewelry trends.

We believe that fashion lovers have been paying more attention than ever to their jewelry collections. Earrings and necklaces suddenly became our fashion heroes during the pandemic. Jewelry was the perfect solution as social and professional events became more commonplace via video call. It added just the right amount of glamour when we wanted to dress up without taking off our comfortable loungewear.

We’re still riding the wave of fabulous jewelry as the world is opening up again. The upcoming season is all about standout pieces that will instantly become the talking point of your outfit. Read on to learn the top F/W 2021 jewelry trends. 


Extravagant Fringe

Pay homage to the Wild Wild West by wearing jewelry with fringe detailing. We’re happy to put some extra swing into our step after sitting still for a year and a half. Fringing adds a lovely level of movement to your everyday outfits, whether you’re wanting to make a statement during the day or are ready to party at night. Fringed earrings are an easy way to try out this lively trend. Those that want to be extra bold can wear an eye-catching fringed necklace.


Sweet Florals


Much like the season they are most associated with, flowers are a universal symbol of hope, optimism, and fresh starts. These are things we could probably all do with right now. Flowers will soon be taking their annual leaves in nature, but we can permanently capture their essence with jewelry. Embrace the beauty of the blossom with floral earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, and bracelets. Floral jewelry adds a gentle, feminine touch to any outfit.


Dazzling Crystals

Gemstones and jewelry have always been a match made in heaven. Although we love the clean and sophisticated look of solid metal jewelry, gemstones add an unparalleled level of luxury. Gemstones and crystals are bigger and better than ever this fall, often cut into large organic shapes or left in their raw forms. Anyone that appreciates the wonder of nature will love this fall’s oversized crystal jewelry.


Round Shapes


Bring on the pearls and round cuts. This season celebrates the soft curves of a circle, be it on a ring, earring, or necklace. The beauty of the round cut is that you can go as bold or subtle as you like. Those that prefer avant-garde jewelry can opt for oversized pearls or extravagant rings, while lovers of dainty jewelry can stick to smaller cuts and still remain on trend.


Delicate Headbands

The Gossip Girl reboot launched earlier this summer, and headbands are now making a comeback. Coincidence or not, Blair Waldorf would definitely approve of this season’s elegant selection of headbands. 2021 versions are more reminiscent of Grecian goddesses than private school students with their delicate strings of crystals and pearls. Add an angelic touch to your outfits with a dainty headband.


Lucky Charms


Charm bracelets have been given a cool makeover for F/W 2021. Their range has also expanded, with charms now featured on rings and necklaces. These little trinkets are the perfect tools for adding more personality to your jewelry. Nowadays you can find almost any kind of charm, from old school crosses to mystical gemstones. Customization has never looked so pretty.


Anatomical Influences

Jewelry is always a great way to add a touch of eccentricity to your outfit. This season’s theme of choice is anatomy, or more specifically the human face. We have a few interesting theories about this playful trend. Either we’ve missed seeing the lips and noses of other people as they’ve been hidden under face masks, or we’ve paid more attention than ever to facial features with the rise of video calls. We’ll never really know, but in the meantime we love the look of a kiss-shaped earring.


Asymmetrical Earrings


Two isn’t always better than one. The asymmetrical earring trend proves that. This unique statement allows you to highlight one drop earring while leaving the other side mysteriously minimal. It’s the perfect solution for side-swept hairstyles and partial updos.


Which jewelry trends will you be trying this fall/winter season?


Writer: Maria Polansky

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