LOVE FOR ALL: Inter-Class Love

LOVE FOR ALL: Inter-Class Love

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Mar 15, 2022

All you need is love. Our Love For All series is a celebration of the magical emotion that so often serves as our motivation and driving force in life. Most of us put our loved ones’ needs before our own, as they’re the most important people in our lives. That’s why we believe that love should have no boundaries. The second chapter of our Love For All focuses on inter-class love and the new perspectives it creates for couples.


Worlds Colliding In The Best Way Possible

Many people tend to date and marry people with similar upbringings, but inter-class love contradicts that notion. It’s a tale as old as time, and is still very prevalent in modern society.

Inter-class love will likely come with its fair share of surprises. Partners will learn about their differences in lifestyle choices, viewpoints, and even communication styles. This may come as a shock, especially if both partners grew up in the same city or country. As a society we don’t really like to admit it, but our class can have a significant impact on our mentality. However, inter-class love is a classic example of how opposites attract. Partners in these relationships are often attracted to the differences that they initially found surprising.

Being in an inter-class relationship will open your eyes to a new way of living, and it might be one that you fall in love with alongside your partner.


A Newfound Intimacy



Jessi Streib, author of the book The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages, discovered a heartwarming fact while researching inter-class couples. Those born into working-class families often grew up in intimate family environments. With parents working less intense hours and children not tied up with numerous extracurricular activities, working-class families are usually able to spend a lot of time together on a daily or weekly basis.

White-collar or middle to upper-class families, on the other hand, tend to spend less time together as a family. Parents often work more demanding hours or have to travel for work, while children are kept busy with various clubs, sports, and other activities. It’s not uncommon for people who grow up in this type of family environment to crave the close, casual nature of working-class families. By being with a working-class partner, they are able to find the intimacy they often wished for as children.


Long-Awaited Security



On the other hand, those who grew up in working-class families often envy the financial security that comes with belonging to a higher class. Their parents might not have had stable jobs growing up, leading to bouts of financial stress felt by the whole family. Those who fall in love with partners from a middle or upper-class background are finally able to experience the security they lacked in their childhood.

Both halves of inter-class couples are able to create the family life of their dreams by working together. Using their personal experiences, they’re able to curate the ideal balance of a close-knit family with goals, aspirations, and financial security.


Creating Acceptance and Expanding Horizons

One of the biggest obstacles that inter-class couples face is acceptance from their families and peers. A person’s parents may have certain expectations from their child’s partner, and inter-class love can challenge them. But we know that love conquers all, and inter-class relationships are often to thank for a family broadening their horizons.

It may take time, but it’s always beneficial for people and families to open their minds about different lifestyles. An inter-class relationship in the family will urge other members to reconsider any preconceived notions they may have about people from other classes. Children born into inter-class families will be blessed with a well-rounded, diverse upbringing that shows them many unique avenues of life.


Break Barriers With Inter-Class Love



Those in inter-class relationships will know that it can be a life-changing experience. You’ll begin to question your upbringing and beliefs, but embracing inter-class love will allow you to literally enjoy the best of both worlds.


In a society often criticized for division, don’t be afraid to break barriers with inter-class love!


Writer: Maria Polansky



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