The Different Types Of Earrings & How To Layer Them

The Different Types Of Earrings & How To Layer Them

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jun 30, 2022

There’s an earring for every aesthetic. Whether you prefer the suppleness of studs, the boldness of hoops, or the glamour of drop earrings, there’s a signature style waiting for you. And with the rise of popularity in multiple ear piercings, you don’t have to stick to just one if you don’t want to. Below we’ll be sharing all the different types of earrings, and how to layer them in an ultra chic ear stack. Which styles will you be choosing?


Stud Earrings

Simple and sweet, studs are small earrings that sit directly on the earlobe. This versatile style can be crafted into any shape or style, from dazzling crystals to avant-garde asymmetric shapes or feminine flowers. Their compact size is ideal for complementing casual outfits, making them extremely popular for everyday wear.




How To Layer Stud Earrings

Studs look best as the second or third earrings from the top of an ear stack. Keep your studs in the middle if you’re wearing an ear cuff, otherwise make them the highest part of your stack.


Hoop Earrings

Perfectly symmetrical and wonderfully stylish, hoops are circular earrings that pass through an ear piercing. This classic style has been worn since ancient Egyptian times, though it has been reinterpreted many times since then. Modern hoops can be crafted in varying shapes and be embellished with gems or enamel to create a more interesting appearance.



How To Layer Hoop Earrings

A hoop’s place in an ear stack will come down to its size. A mini hoop, or huggie earring, can be worn as a top or middle earring. Large hoops should sit at the bottom of a stack to create a balanced look. They look excellent when paired with other hoops of a similar size or layered in a small-to-large stack. Style large hoops alongside studs when in doubt.


Dangle Earrings

As the name suggests, dangle earrings hang gently below the earlobe. They can come in varying lengths and sizes, from mini gemstones to intricate clusters. This sophisticated design is excellent for making eye-catching statements. The longer your dangle earring is, the more striking it will be!



How To Layer Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings work best as the lowest part of an ear stack due to their elongated nature. They can be paired with studs, hoops, or ear cuffs. Keep your higher earrings simple to create a look that doesn’t feel overwhelming.


Drop Earrings

This elegant style is similar to a drop earring with its extended design. The main difference is that drop earrings have a narrower shape - they tend to fall in a long, straight line, while dangle earrings can be short and round. This dramatic design is a favorite for special occasions.



How To Layer Drop Earrings

Your drop earrings will be the star of your stack, so keep the rest of your stack simple and opt for minimal studs that sit above the drop earrings.


Ear Cuffs

Versatile and eye-catching, ear cuffs are rounded earrings that sit along the curve of the ear. Anyone can wear an ear cuff, even if their ears aren’t pierced. All you have to do is slip the cuff onto the narrowest part of your ear, and pinch to secure it! Ear cuffs can be placed along any part of the ear, and instantly add coolness to your outfit. Modern ear cuffs create a sleek vibe, but this adaptable design has actually been around for centuries!



How To Layer Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs will be your best friends while creating an ear stack. They’re perfect for building tall layers, as you can start from the very top of your ear and work your way down. Ear cuffs look amazing with any type of earring - studs, hoops, dangles, or drops! Just make sure your look feels harmonious with larger styles towards the bottom.


Climber Earrings

The perfect example of a statement earring, climber earrings are essentially extended studs that ‘climb’ or ‘crawl’ up the earlobe. Consider them reverse dangle earrings; their length runs up the ear rather than away from it. This daring style is perfect for creating a unique look on a night out or during a special occasion.



How To Layer Climber Earrings

A climber earring will take up most of your earlobe, but it’s still possible to create a stack if you have a high cartilage piercing or an ear stack. Keep your upper earring minimal. The climber earring will be the main feature, so another big earring might make the stack feel cluttered.


We hope that this guide has provided you with plenty of fresh earring inspiration!
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Writer: Maria Polansky




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