Travel Edit: The Best Jewelry To Take On Vacation

Travel Edit: The Best Jewelry To Take On Vacation

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jun 24, 2022

Many of us are jetting off to dream destinations now that summer is here. Whether you’re ready to unwind on a tropical beach or go into full exploration mode during a city break, jewelry is an easy way to upgrade your travel outfits. But which styles should you bring with you? You’ll want to make sure that your precious jewels are easy to transport and hold on to, and are versatile enough to pair with every type of outfit that you bring. Discover the best jewelry to take on vacation in our travel edit below!


Beachy Jewelry

If you’re headed for golden shores and azure waters, be sure to enhance your beach outfits with the right jewelry! Warm golds will glow against your sun-kissed skin, adding easy elegance to otherwise casual outfits. Opt for colorful stones that reflect your sunny environment and fluid shapes that resemble the calming waves of the sea.


Stick to simple studs that will closely hug your ears as you soak in the sun. Embellished by radiant crystals, these studs will catch the light in an enchanting way. Their eye-catching shape is ideal for the seaside, as it resembles a wild starfish.


Complete your bare-legged looks with this charming gold anklet. The dazzling topaz and citrine crystals add warmth and sparkle that are perfect for a sunny beach day.


Recreate the golden glow of the sunrise with this lovely silver necklace. Crafted with enchanting orange sea glass, this necklace looks equally fantastic with a swimsuit during the day as it does with a sundress in the evening.


An emblem of the ocean, pearls are made for the beach. This alluring rose gold ring recreates the image of a natural pearl in its shell with its fluid encasement.


Let the warm tones of citrine and 14K yellow gold complement your glowing skin with this elegant bracelet. It’s a delightful finishing touch for any beach outfit. 


City Break Jewelry

Summer in the city is made for flaunting delicate designs and colorful gems! From the romantic alleys of Paris to the bustling streets of Seoul, the right jewelry will beautifully polish off your travel outfits.


Add a vibrant pop of color to your travel outfit with this pear-shaped pink sapphire necklace. Contrasted with an oversized chain, this necklace will make your outfit stand out from your morning coffee until evening cocktails.


Inspired by the sea glass stones shaped by the flow of the Seine river, these eye-catching studs are perfect for city strolls all over the world. Light green emeralds add a beautiful touch of color, resembling sunny city skies.


This dainty rope bracelet will sit securely on your wrist as you explore the avenues and alleys of the city you’re visiting. The light blue rope pairs well with denim, making it an excellent choice for enhancing casual day outfits.


Add instant sophistication to your travel look with this striking open-ended ring. Crafted with vibrant chalcedony and citrine stones, this ring adds a chic touch to any outfit. The lovely green and yellow stones are a stunning representation of summer in the city, resembling lush greens and golden sunsets.


Travel & Transportation Tips

Now that you know the best styles to take with you, here’s how to transport them so they stay in pristine condition!

  • Choose minimalist designs. Chic and practical, minimalist jewelry is ideal for travel. It has less details to get tangled or potentially damaged during transportation, and it goes with everything. Dainty necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings look just as good with a t-shirt and shorts as they do with evening dresses!
  • Invest in jewelry pouches and boxes. Keep your jewelry safe and tangle-free by storing it in designated pouches and boxes specifically designed for jewelry storage. You can use the boxes or pouches that your jewelry originally came in, or invest in new ones if you no longer have the originals.
  • Keep your jewelry close to you at all times. Wear what you can while traveling, and keep the rest with your carry-on luggage. Don’t risk losing your precious jewels by placing them with your checked luggage.


Whatever your travel plans are this summer, we have the right designs for you!

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Writer: Maria Polansky




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