What Are Soul Stones? Find Out In The New Debon D.D Collection!

What Are Soul Stones? Find Out In The New Debon D.D Collection!

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jan 24, 2022

Each gemstone has its own unique qualities that aid our wellbeing, but some of them reach further below the surface than others. We like to call these gems soul stones. They offer us aid and encouragement when we’re in our most vulnerable states. These are the stones associated with protection, growth, motivation, endurance, passion, creativity, and clarity. Our new Debon D.D Collection features four beautiful and meaningful soul stones: onyx, carnelian, malachite, and tiger’s eye. Learn more about the symbolism of these stones below!


From Birthstones To Soul Stones

Longtime fans of DIDIER DUBOT will remember that Debon D.D was one of our first collections. It was first launched in 2013, and has since become a staple collection for our brand with its extensive selection of birthstone jewelry. Although we love the deep symbolism of birthstones, we’re excited to announce that the Debon D.D Collection is expanding to include even more gems! These soul stones celebrate our connection with our truest selves. They encourage inner peace, happiness, and everyday pleasure. We have carefully selected onyx, carnelian, malachite, and tiger’s eye to be the first ever DIDIER DUBOT soul stones. Which one will you choose as your soul stone?      



Black as night and sleek as velvet, onyx is often regarded as a dark and mysterious stone. However, there’s a lot more to onyx than its opaque sheen. Historically it has been considered a protective stone and was worn to face adversaries in battles or conflicts of any kind. Similarly, onyx was used as a safety talisman during nighttime travels.


Onyx can also be used for mental protection and strength. It serves as a shield against negativity, calms fears, stabilizes emotions, and guides intuition. This enigmatic stone perfectly highlights that beauty can be found in darkness.



The bright red shades of carnelian symbolize bold energy, passion, warmth, and joy. Carnelian is a stone that empowers and stimulates its wearer. It represents courage, endurance, motivation, and leadership. Carnelian has long been treasured throughout many cultures, from the Middle East to western Europe. 18th century Europeans used carnelian brooches as symbols of good luck, while ancient Arabs considered carnelian as a stone of the kings.


Carnelian is the perfect stone to wear when you want to embrace change in your life. It will inspire the necessary drive and willpower needed to take action. Whether you’re ready to embark on a new adventure, dive into a new relationship, or take a leap with your career, carnelian will be a helpful companion.



With its rich green hue and dazzling striations, malachite is a truly magical gem. It’s known as the stone of transformation, as it helps to unfold and heal emotional pain. Some cultures believe that the stone itself absorbs the pain of the wearer. Ancient Egyptians revered malachite, as its green shade represented fertility and rebirth. They even referred to the eternal paradise that would be in the afterlife as the ‘Field of Malachite’.


Malachite will bring peace and serenity during times of change. It’s an excellent symbol for personal growth, as it opens the heart to love, enhances intuition and creativity, and inspires loyalty and trust. Trust malachite when you are ready to become the best version of yourself.


Tiger’s Eye

Earthy tones, bold striations, and a fierce name make tiger’s eye a striking stone in every aspect. It represents the power and courage of its namesake animal. Wearing tiger’s eye will make you feel as daring, confident, and sharp as a jungle cat on the prowl. Many ancient soldiers and kings wore tiger’s eye as amulets for strength and protection.


Tiger’s eye is also a grounding stone that encourages balance, emotional composure, and mental clarity. It will help you feel as strong and collected as a tiger in his kingdom. Be your boldest self with tiger’s eye.


Would you like to connect with your ideal soul stone?

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Writer: Maria Polansky




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