DIDIER DUBOT Jewelry as a Gift for Different Personalities

DIDIER DUBOT Jewelry as a Gift for Different Personalities

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Aug 31, 2021

There are two types of people in the world: the natural gift givers, and those that need a little bit of assistance. Natural gift givers can instantly think of thoughtful gifts for their loved ones, while others rack their brains when holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries roll around. Don’t feel bad if you fall in the latter category. It doesn’t make you less considerate or caring; it just means that you express your love in other ways. Besides, gift guides exist for a reason!

Choosing a gift for your mother, girlfriend, sister, or best friend isn’t always easy, but everything you need to know is in the personality of the person you love. Her personal style, manner of speaking, and favorite activities all make a clear statement about who she is. You may need to do a little digging, but reflecting on your loved one’s persona is the key to finding the perfect gift for her.


Why Choose Jewelry as a Gift?

The best kind of gifts are the ones that make a lasting impression. High quality jewelry is something that can be cherished for a long time. It can be worn as often as daily, and your loved one will instantly think of you whenever she slips on the piece. Jewelry is a highly symbolic gift. It represents some of the most meaningful things we can achieve in our lifetimes: love, friendship, and academic success. We believe that jewelry is always a fantastic choice for a gift, no matter what the occasion is.


Jewelry as a Gift For Different Personalities

The great thing about giving jewelry as a gift is that you can look to your loved one’s personal style for inspiration. You can refer to the type of clothing they like to wear and pieces of jewelry they already own. From there, you’ll be able to select a beautiful piece of jewelry that they will surely fall in love with.


The Minimalist

Clean, classic, and elegant are the best ways to describe the minimalist. She prefers sticking to timeless pieces rather than following trends. Her wardrobe consists of high quality pieces that feature neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and clean lines. Her jewelry collection has a similar vibe - pure metals, minimal bling, and easy shapes. She will love dainty necklaces and bracelets, small to medium sized hoop earrings, or refined stacking rings.



The Trendsetter

Never afraid to stand out, the trendsetter loves showing off her personality through fashion. She is constantly experimenting  with bold prints, vibrant colors, and extravagant pieces of jewelry. The trendsetter appreciates eye-catching pieces of jewelry that feature interesting textures, sparkling gemstones, and unusual shapes.



The City Girl

Ultra modern and always on the go, the city girl seeks out cool and versatile pieces that suit her active lifestyle. She’s always out and about, whether she’s hitting up the latest brunch spot or attending an exclusive rooftop party. The city girl is fashion-conscious but also craves practicality. She enjoys standout pieces that never go out of style, like hoop earrings, chain necklaces, and gemstone rings.



The Bon Vivant

Flawless and sophisticated, the bon vivant has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. She loves designer clothes, luxury skincare products, upscale restaurants, and exotic holidays. Of course, the bon vivant considers jewelry to be one of life’s most beautiful luxuries. She truly believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and loves to flaunt her high-end pieces.



The Romantic

Femininity and sweetness are at the heart of everything she wears. The romantic is a self-proclaimed girly girl who adores all things pastel and floral. Dressing up is important to her, and she feels most comfortable in a dress and heels. Jewelry plays a big role in complementing her outfits. She’ll be delighted with extravagant pieces that feature colorful gemstones and floral shapes.



The Modern Hippie

She’s forever down to earth, and she wants her clothing and jewelry to match. The modern hippie likes nature-inspired pieces that are easy to wear. She’ll fall in love with simple jewelry that has been crafted into organic and floral shapes, as long as it won’t get in the way during hikes or meditation sessions. She has a deep respect for mother nature and enjoys paying tribute by wearing the beautiful crystals that come from the earth.




Make the upcoming gifting season a breeze by choosing a beautiful piece of Didier Dubot jewelry. We have options for every kind of personality!


Writer: Maria Polansky

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