Dreaming To Travel: Introducing The Sélection. D Collection

Dreaming To Travel: Introducing The Sélection. D Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Mar 22, 2022

"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust


It’s a cozy Sunday morning around 11am. You haven’t fully awakened from your dream yet, and warm rays of sunlight are gently touching your body. In a state of beautiful reverie, you find yourself immersed in the imagination of traveling to beautiful places.

These relaxed, sun-drenched weekends filled with soft pillows that guide us to a dreamworld inspired us to create a new collection inspired by travel and wanderlust. The new Sélection. D collection is filled with voluminous D-shapes and dazzling gemstones that transport us to the world’s most wondrous locations. Join us as we make our dreams a reality, with the help of magical pieces from Sélection. D!


A Symbol Of Momentum

To dream about traveling is to move forward and progress in life. Dream experts suggest that travel dreams are a symbol of movement in life, be it professional, personal, or geographical. Not only do these dreams leave us feeling fulfilled and content when we wake up, they represent the positive strides we’re taking to be our best selves in real life.

Travel dreamers are independent, free-spirited, and feel in control of their destiny. They aren’t afraid to take the next steps to make their goals a reality. Embrace these dreams, as they confirm that you’re on the right path in the most comforting way.


Seeing The World With A New Perspective

Our dreams are powerful. From taking us to stunning locales to inspiring us to pursue our goals, dreams remind us that we can find positivity and happiness in our everyday lives by simply looking at things differently. Some of the world’s most successful people were fueled by their dreams. Coupled with motivation and hope, they have managed to make the most out of their lucid visions. 

Gently waking up from a good dream will set your day up right. As you slowly ponder over the dream’s meaning over your morning coffee or tea, remember the highlights throughout the day. They’ll change the way you look at ordinary things, like your favorite blanket or the flowers blooming outside. Dreaming is the first step to achieving, so don’t take your dreams lightly!


Find Your Next Travel Companions With Sélection. D

Whether you’re traveling across town or across the globe, Sélection. D has the right jewels for your journey. The dreamy pieces will add softness and sophistication to your outfits with fluid curves, dazzling gems, and architecturally-inspired shapes. From sweet stud earrings to dainty pendants, Sélection. D has the perfect pieces for your dreamscape.


A voluminous upside down D in 14K gold is accompanied by a sparkling white topaz stone. The elegant everyday pendant is delicate enough to wear with loungewear, yet chic enough to wear for adventurous evenings out.


Voluminous curves meet sleek lines with this refined bar ring. Made out of 925 sterling silver and covered with glossy antique gold plating, this ring is distinguished by its row of baguette cut cubic zirconia stones. It’s the perfect ring to take you from your morning coffee to evening drinks.


Small but impactful, these enchanting sterling silver drop earrings dazzle with hanging antique gold plated D’s and cubic zirconia stones. They’re comfortable enough to nap in, and will later add a sophisticated touch to your brunch or dinner outfit.


Make a striking statement with this unique link bracelet. Crafted out of quality 925 sterling silver and a gleaming antique gold plating, curved D’s are connected by sparkling baguette cut cubic zirconia stones and embellished by a single chain.


These versatile 925 silver D earrings easily transition from casual to formal as needed. Lounge at home with the soft silver side facing forward, then simply flip them to the dazzling baguette cut cubic zirconia side once you’re ready to embark on your next adventure!


Live out your fantasies with Sélection. D.

Writer: Maria Polansky

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