Dual D.D: Le Jardin Du Temps

Dual D.D: Le Jardin Du Temps

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Mar 06, 2023

Lovers of art and seekers of harmony will find themselves enchanted in the «Jardin du Temps», the newest version of the Dual D.D collection. The new pieces reinterpret the iconic ‘D’ logo, adding an artistic beauty to its simple form.

Meaning the "Garden of Time", the collection is a celebratory reflection on DIDIER DUBOT’s journey over the past decade. The charming designs represent the completion of a garden where past and present elegance coexist in harmony, creating a hip classic. Filled with timeless and sustainable pieces that will always be loved and actual, the collection remains faithful to the basics and unaffected by fleeting trends. It is a place where elegance and beauty stand still, shining with a refined grace.


A Celebration Of French Minimalism

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for the collection was the eye-catching Kengo Kuma architecture project in Angers, France. The Japanese architecture studio created a striking yet seamless blend of tradition and modernity by adding elegant archivolts, or layered arches, to the French city’s gothic cathedral.


Sourse: IGNANT


The studio admitted it was a challenge, but they succeeded in their goal of creating a “harmonious dialog between a contemporary creation, whilst preserving Middle-Age architectural heritage”.

Dual D.D was also created with icons of French style in mind. From legendary figures like Jane Birkin and Carla Bruni to modern it girls like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lea Seydoux, the pieces embody their effortless style that remains valid in any era.

DIDIER DUBOT has long strived to create a similar balance between east and west, contemporary and classic, minimal and glamorous. The Dual D.D collection is an embodiment of our multifaceted range of duality. This new release features three main elements, the new motifs Porte D, Porte D Link, and the Porte D Curve.


Porte D

A translation of the French word for door or entrance, Porte D serves as an entryway between the past and the present. It’s a look back on the collection’s iconic ‘D’ motif with a fresh twist.




Inspired by the shape of an arched door, the ‘D’ is transformed into a curved arch with a key detail. The versatile pieces can be styled in multiple ways. Wear them on their own to exude understated elegance, or create an eye-catching yet cohesive stack with linked styles.


Porte D Link

A fresh take on the classic chain, the Porte D link expresses artistic beauty through the three-dimensional cross structure of the D shape. With its combination of a distinctive curve and a clean straight edge, the letter D makes a perfect candidate for a chain link.



Ideal as layering pieces or simply a rich source of texture, the Porte D designs will add depth and dimension to your everyday looks.


Porte D Curve

The final motif of the collection is the bold Porte D Curve. Inspired by the distinctive structure of a curb chain, this emblem symbolizes a strong union and solidarity. As one of the oldest types of chain links, the curb can be traced back several centuries. They were originally crafted from a round wire cut to a specific size and twisted to create its signature grooves, which allowed matching curb links to comfortably sit together until a full chain was formed. The style is simple yet alluring, a chic ode to the timelessness of minimalism.



Like their arched counterparts, Porte D Curve pieces can be seamlessly layered or shine on their own.


Subtle Scintillation

Both elements are often embellished with lustrous brown diamonds to complement the warmth of rose gold and add a touch of luxury. Carefully placed in a pave setting, the diamonds add the ideal amount of sparkle to any look.



Find your ideal blend of harmony with Dual D.D.
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Writer: Maria Polansky




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