Meaningful Gifts For Any Occasion: How To Find The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry

Meaningful Gifts For Any Occasion: How To Find The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Feb 10, 2023

Elegant, exciting, and luxurious, jewelry has long been the go-to choice for special occasion gifts. From bold bracelets to emblematic rings and everything in between, jewelry is an excellent choice for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other holiday that calls for a meaningful gift that goes above and beyond. But, how exactly do you determine which is the right piece of jewelry? Below, we’ll be sharing our top tips for finding the perfect pieces for gifting.


Why Is Jewelry So Meaningful?

Jewelry carries a sense of longevity and thoughtfulness that transcends other fashion items.



Perhaps it’s because of the symbolism and history of its materials, or the durable nature of jewelry in general. Jewelry, especially pieces that have been gifted, has a special kind of energy that brings the wearer inspiration, nostalgia, and empowerment.

Most gemstones have historic, spiritual, or cultural meaning and significance, and even metal jewelry can be shaped into signs or symbols with a special meaning. This ensures that any given piece is more than just an accessory - it’s an icon that represents something specific in life.

Each piece is a small but mighty token of affection and care. Your loved one will be reminded of you with each wear, and depending on the piece, that might be every single day!


What To Consider When Buying Jewelry As A Gift

Jewelry is a highly personal gift, which means that every piece should be selected with care and consideration. Remember that every person is different, so jewelry should not be selected at random or without your loved one’s individuality in mind.

Here are our top tips for selecting jewelry as a gift:


  • Don’t just follow trends. You may be tempted to buy the latest trend and call it a day, but that’s definitely not something you should do if you’re buying a higher quality piece. The trendy piece might not flatter or appeal to your loved one. It may also go out of fashion quickly. When in doubt, opt for timeless pieces that will forever be in fashion.

  • Consider their personality and lifestyle. Just like clothing, jewelry is a tangible form of self-expression. It should reflect the wearer’s personality. Don’t make the mistake of buying something that you like; always keep their taste and interests first. If your loved one is bold and extroverted, they will likely prefer colorful, eye-catching jewelry. If they’re more of a minimalist, they will probably gravitate towards delicate and simple styles. If you’re not sure what kind of jewelry they like, take a look at their existing collection or their wardrobe. You can get fantastic hints about their favorite colors, silhouettes, and details. Note that this method should serve as a source of inspiration. Treat them to something exciting and new rather than a duplicate version of something they already have.

  • Look to the past to add a sentimental touch. Maybe your loved one already has a favorite motif, such as a flower or a star. Look for jewelry crafted with those shapes. If you can’t think of anything specific, you can look at historical symbolism. Birthstones or other traditional stones (for example, the classic wedding anniversary stones) are always a lovely choice. To make it even more personal, you can look up gemstones associated with certain characteristics. For example, certain stones are linked with love (rose quartz, garnet, moonstone), others with wisdom (pearls, lapis lazuli, amethyst), or loyalty (sapphire, topaz, emerald). Simply look up the trait you’d like the piece to be associated with, and find the gemstone that will best suit your loved one!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. When in doubt, ask for help. You can directly ask your loved one what kind of jewelry styles they like: engage in some window shopping and pay attention to what styles they’re drawn to, or look through a magazine or trend report and ask them their opinion on specific styles to get a better feel for their taste. If you don’t want to ask them, turn to their friends and family members for advice.


Jewelry is always a wonderful idea, no matter what occasion you’re shopping for. If you choose the right piece, you can rest assured it will be treasured for years to come.


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Writer: Maria Polansky



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