Everyday Jewelry With DIDIER DUBOT

Everyday Jewelry With DIDIER DUBOT

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Dec 07, 2022

Over the decades and centuries, jewelry has undergone a transformation from an extravagance to an everyday essential. While bold, maximalist pieces are generally still reserved for special occasions, daintier pieces have proved to be the ultimate finishing touch for any look.

We can always count on the luxurious gleam of precious metals to elevate our everyday style, even if the piece itself is minimal. By paying attention to the details and choosing designs that are more than meets the eye, we can build a strong collection of everyday jewelry.

Below we’re sharing our favorite essential jewelry pieces that make the little moments more special. These are the earrings, rings, and necklaces that are so comfortable and flattering that we never want to take them off. If you feel that your everyday jewelry collection could use an upgrade, be sure to check out these versatile and chic designs! 


The One Touch Earring

Named after their easy application method, these dainty huggie hoops exude effortless sophistication. Their smooth curves and delicate details seamlessly transition from day to night, or casual to formal.



This contemporary hoop style is small but impactful. Huggie hoops can be embellished with so many different details, from striking spherical textures to scintillating gemstones. Use them to dress your everyday looks up or down according to your mood!


The Piercing Stud

A throwback to what was likely your first experience with earrings, the stud is an eternally classic design. It lines up perfectly with your piercing, showcasing a singular source of beauty.



The stud is simple but surprisingly multifaceted - you can find a design for every personality. From elegant gemstones to playful slogans, the stud truly makes a statement. They can be used to add a discreet shine on their own, or as the base of a more intricate ear stack.


Pearl Jewelry

No gem displays understated elegance as much as a pearl. An allover sparkle is replaced by a smooth and gentle luster, making the pearl the perfect choice for day or night.



Pearl jewelry instantly makes an outfit more stylish, whether it’s a casual look for a coffee date with friends, another day at the office, or a special occasion. This stunning gem is given a modern upgrade when set in solitaire styles and paired with richly textured metals - don’t be afraid to mix your pearl jewelry with other textures to create a beautifully on trend look.


Basic Rings

An infinite symbol of style and grace, rings bring a rich texture and depth to any outfit. Our favorite everyday rings are simple textured bands that can be worn all day, and well into the night.



Basic rings are far from boring when crafted into fascinating textures, such as beads, twists, and delicate geometric shapes. Those that crave a touch of luxury can choose delicate pave gemstone rings for a subtle sparkle.

These rings are ideal for styling solo or stacking, so you can make your jewelry look more glamorous as needed or desired.

The best thing about everyday jewelry is that it works all year long, for any occasion. It makes a fabulous treat for yourself or a loved one. Whenever you need a beautiful pick-me-up, you can never go wrong with easy, timeless jewelry.


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Writer: Maria Polansky




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