How To Style Mixed Metal Jewelry

How To Style Mixed Metal Jewelry

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Nov 29, 2022

Fashion, and jewelry alongside it, is in a constant state of evolution. What once was a faux pas may now be considered the most stylish trend of the season. Mixed metal jewelry is a perfect example. Many of us wouldn’t be caught mixing metals as little as a few years ago, but now the world’s most stylish women do it on a daily basis.

But even though mixing metals is now encouraged, it still can seem tricky to pull off. How can you make such a big contrast look harmonious and chic? Below we’ll be sharing our favorite tips and tricks for creating a seamless mixture of metals in your daily jewelry looks.


Mixed Metal Jewelry Styling Tips

Create balance

Wearing mixed metal jewelry is all about balance. This means ensuring you have a fairly even mix of metals in the pieces that you’re wearing. It doesn’t have to be one to one, but the metals should complement each other instead of sticking out. Wearing just one gold piece among all silver styles will look strange, while wearing 3 gold pieces and 5 silver pieces will look intentional.


Work in layers

Mixing metals in your layered looks is an excellent way to combine two jewelry trends while creating balance. For example, you could try a trio of necklaces with two gold styles and one silver style, or vice versa. Other options are an assorted collection of rings on your fingers, or earring and bracelet stacks. You can learn more about jewelry stacking tips here!


Choose similar styles

Keep your jewelry in the same aesthetic. A bohemian gemstone piece in gold might not look right next to a delicate, minimalist piece in silver. An easy way to ensure your pieces look right together is shopping from the same jewelry collection, as each piece will have similar design features and elements.


Wear mixed metal pieces

The easiest way to start mixing metals is by wearing jewelry that does the hard work for you! Mixed metal pieces are contemporary and chic, and create a striking effect with their contrast of colors. You can wear the pieces on their own, or use them as a ‘bridge’ piece for your solid metal jewelry. This means that you could wear a gold ring, a silver ring, and a mixed ring to bring the two pieces together.


Stick to metals that work for your skin tone

The best way to make mixed metals look good is to choose colors that flatter your skin tone.

  • The warmth of yellow and rose gold are best suited to those with darker skin and golden undertones.
  • The coolness of silver and white gold complement those with pink undertones and fair skin.

That said, the contrast of yellow and white gold is a popular combination for mixed metal jewelry and can be worn by various skin tones. Less saturated forms of rose gold can also suit those with cool undertones and fair skin. Experiment until you find a metal combination that works well for you.


DIDIER DUBOT Mixed Metal Jewelry

Find your perfect bridge piece among our selection of mixed metal jewelry.


This dainty bracelet proves that even the subtlest form of mixed metals exudes an understated sophistication. A contrasting silver accent on the padlock stands out among the mainly rose gold bracelet, while a dazzling white diamond complements the cool contrast. This bracelet is perfect for styling with another silver piece.


Lovers of the Moi collection can recreate the feel of the two-tone bracelet with this elegant rose gold and silver pendant. This chic style is ideal for layering with a delicate silver necklace.


These elegant studs are ideal for experimenting with two metals. Rose gold accents create a subtle yet striking contrast with silver, while white crystals complement the cool feel of the primary metal.


You don’t just have to stick to silver and gold when mixing metals. This refined chain ring creates a striking contrast by mixing feminine rose gold with a dark antique plating.


Will you be trying out this eye-catching trend? 


Writer: Maria Polansky




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