Introducing The New Miss. Doux Collection

Introducing The New Miss. Doux Collection

by DIDIER DUBOT . on Jan 17, 2023

With a new year comes a new and improved collection! We believe there’s no better collection to start 2023 off with than the chic and vibrant Miss. Doux. The new designs are a reinterpretation of DIDIER DUBOT’s archives of most loved designs, reinforcing our brand heritage in a fresh way. Featuring the collection’s signature colorful gemstones, this new edition shines bright through bold alphabet charms, delicate chains, and organic shapes. Reconnect with the most beautiful parts of nature with the new Miss. Doux!


Swaying Flowers, Fluttering Hearts

Inspired by nature’s revival in the spring, the gentle sway of flowers in the wind, and abstract images from French photographer Paul Rousteau, the new Miss. Doux’s slogan is “Swaying Flowers, Fluttering Heart.” Each piece embodies the energy of a flower blooming in the spring with its vivid colors and seemingly swaying shape.

Dainty chains are added to designs to replicate the sway of flowers, and gemstones are intentionally chosen to reflect the bright color palette of the most beautiful season of the year. The designs are a breath of fresh air as we enter the final days of winter, eagerly waiting for spring’s arrival.


Celebration Of Colors

The gemstones that define the collection are specially chosen for their rich symbolism as well as their resemblance to spring’s most beautiful flowers.

Deep pink sapphires and purple amethysts personify the brightness of fresh blooms, while green tsavorite and brown diamonds represent their earthy foundations. With their feminine hues, pink sapphire and amethyst have long served as symbols of love, trust, and loyalty. Green tsavorite, one of the planet’s rarest forms of garnet, is an exceptional stone that symbolizes vitality and prosperity. Meanwhile brown diamonds, also known as chocolate or cognac diamonds, are often associated with harmony and stability.

Whether paired together or worn separately, these bold colors will provide you with the joy and optimism you need for a new start.


Self-Expression Through Letters

For SS23, Doux is more than a name. It’s a design element. Alphabet charms are used to make a stylish statement on earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Combined with gemstones, these characters subtly display our identity.

Crafted in gleaming golds or enhanced with crystals, the charms can be worn alone or used to spell out a message. They remind us that fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression, be it literal or symbolic.


Styling The New Miss. Doux

The new collection was designed with flawless style and wearability in mind. It’s the perfect jewelry for everyday wear, with comfortable stone sizes and jewelry lengths that still display a high level of character. Elegant yet versatile, Miss. Doux pieces can easily accompany you on your every journey.

Wearers are encouraged to embrace the brightness of the collection by mixing and matching colors to create their very own rainbow. The new jewelry can also be used to complement and enhance pieces from previous seasons; certain elements may be new, but the matching stones create a sense of continuity.

Miss. Doux utilizes a striking unbalanced, asymmetrical look to replicate the organic beauty of nature. With its fluid lines and distinctive shapes, the playful collection honors the concept of imperfect perfection.


A celebration of colors and shapes, this captivating one-sided crawler earring embodies the new Miss. Doux’s mixture of shapes, colors, and delicate sway.


Not sure which letter to choose? Have them all with this ‘DOUX’ one-sided chain earring. Embellished with a lustrous brown diamond, this stylish charm earring lets you express the gentle yet lively mood of the collection.


Enjoy self-expression with a bold burst of color. Featuring a rich green tsavorite gem to form the letter O, this beautiful necklace is the ideal way to showcase your individuality.


A perfect blend of contemporary elegance and edginess, a solitaire amethyst makes this chain ring stand out. The deep purple tones add a stunning burst of color to your every moment.


The striking shapes and colors of the new Miss. Doux are beautifully showcased in this contemporary take on a charm bracelet. Featuring a vibrant mixture of pink sapphires and green tsavorite in various geometric shapes, this bracelet adds a kaleidoscopic charm to every outfit.


Explore the full Miss. Doux collection today!



Writer: Maria Polansky




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